Coalition to Repeal Wisconsin's Personal Property Tax

Coalition efforts result in a $75 million reduction in Wisconsin’s Personal Property Tax!

In 2016, the Coalition to Repeal Wisconsin’s Personal Property Tax was created to advocate for repeal of the outdated and unfair Wisconsin law that taxed businesses for their personal property. As part of the 2017-2019 State Budget, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a $75 million repeal in the personal property tax by exempting “machinery, tools and patterns” from the outdated tax.

The Coalition appreciates the Wisconsin Legislature’s efforts to reduce the personal property tax on small businesses, however the repeal of another category of the personal property tax has amplified the unfair nature of the tax. In addition, this reduction lowers the overall cost of repealing the tax making full repeal palatable for lawmakers. 

The Coalition will continue to advocate for full repeal of the personal property tax in the 2019-2021 State Budget. We hope you will support our efforts by adding your name to the long and growing list of Wisconsinites that support full repeal of the tax.

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