Coalition to Repeal Wisconsin's Personal Property Tax

End Nears for Tax on Movable Property

Leader-Telegram, Nov. 19, 2017  By Andrew Dowd

Eau Claire businesses will get a $3.6 million break next year as some of their movable property becomes exempt from annual local taxes.That’s how much businesses paid annually in taxes toward the city and county governments, school district and technical college on $56.9 million in machines, tools and patterns that will become tax-exempt in 2018 due to provisions in the latest state budget.

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Time to Repeal Personal Property Tax

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Oct. 16, 2014    By Duey Stroebel

Imagine that when you received your property tax bill, you discovered you had to pay property taxes not only on your home but on your appliances, furniture and any equipment you own. This is a reality for many businesses in Wisconsin, and it is called the personal property tax. 

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Personal Property Exemption Enacted for Machinery, Tools and Patterns

Schenck, Sept. 29, 2017  By Sarah Evans

Effective with property tax assessments starting in January 1, 2018, machinery, tools and patterns not used in manufacturing will be exempt from property tax. As machinery is defined, the exemption does not include buildings.We have no details or insight at this time other than what is in the 2017 Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual. If nothing else changes for 2018, the following information is from the manual related to machinery, tools and patterns. 

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Wisconsin Budget Committee Approves Partial Repeal of Personal Property Tax

The Cap Times, Sept. 6, 2017  By Jessie Opoien

Owners of small businesses in Wisconsin would no longer pay property taxes on machinery, tools and patterns not used for manufacturing under a tax package approved Wednesday by the Legislature's budget-writing committee. 

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Click the image above to hear testimony given at Joint Legislative Audit Committee.


Coalition members meet with Governor Walker.